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work, fucking internet

Today and the next week and a half is orientation at my new school. Lots of class plans to make, and better yet: no need to dress up. Today I will also find out exactly what I will be teaching. I'm sure I will post later today.

Also: I need to stop looking at the Gwangju Animal Rescue website. Don't do it, Adam! Cats may be cute but you're not mature enough to care for another life! (Plus my apartment is roughly the size of a shoe box.)

It's 6:20am and I don't have work until 9, so I will try to study, shower, and eat.

The main problem with my apartment right now is that I can't get my wireless to work. My computer connects to the wireless router, but the router doesn't connect to the internet. It doesn't make sense because the router works in my old apartment (thanks, Megan!), so by right it should work here, too. I think I may need to purchase a new router. Additionally, my internet was down for most of yesterday. No phone + no internet = tolerable for short amounts of time, but I can not, and will not, live like that in the long term- if I don't have to. First world problems? So what? I'm paying for it so I want it to work.
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