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seared swordfish

- spent 14 hours on a plane. Nobody sat next to me. I felt so lonely. (Just kidding!)
- took a 4 hour bus ride (well, 3 hours 40 minutes to be precise)
- met two Korean teachers and one Korean maintenance man at the bus station
- arrived at my new apartment: small, new, good location in downtown Juwol-dong
- ran to the grocery store and purchased a bunch of cleaning supplies and necessities (water, paper towels)
- had trouble figuring out the internet, so I decided to go to Pungam for two reasons: to surprise everyone and to get my wireless router from Megan, haha
- received a very warm welcoming :)
- came home, couldn't get the internet to work, went to sleep

- woke up at 5:30am, studied a little (very little), scrubbed the mold from the grout in the bathroom and under the gas range in the kitchen from 6:30-9am
- went grocery shopping; discovered that Lotte no longer sells plastic bags. Additionally their system was down, so they added everything up manually (!)
- stood on a random corner that had WiFi and Skyped my mom, only to come home 10 minutes later and figured out my internet
- put the doors up to divide my kitchen/living space. This took 30 minutes. Never again.
- rearranged furniture and attempted to unpack; summarily failed
- walked to Pungam to eat shabu shabu with Jodi, Blair, Vanessa, and Tiffany; got lost on the way
- went to Vanessa's, chatted, received Spam (the processed meat product)
- made a trip to Megan's, convinced her to help me take a load of stuff back to my place because she's awesome :)
- fiddled with wifi router, failed
- walked back to Megan's, brought another load back
- organized, unpacked, fell asleep at 10pm

Monday (today):
- woke up at 3:30am, computed, watched TV, fell asleep at 5am, woke up at 7:30
- studied (minimal amounts)
- unpacked, organized, neatened, straightened
- vacuumed, mopped the floors
- had coffee with Marisa, Brad, and Bryan (the latter two are new coworkers)
- walked to Pungam with Marisa, brought my exercise bike down from Lauren's apartment
- rode my bike back to Juwol
- went with the maintenance men to Megan's apartment and brought the rest of my boxes back to my new apartment
- rearranged my apartment again, only to realize that I liked everything better the way it was

And that's it. I need to finish unpacking. I don't think it will take too long... I just need to convince myself to do it before bed. Sigh.
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