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If all goes as hoped/planned, I should have my visa (and passport) back this week or early next week. I'll be purchasing my ticket to Korea as well. It's getting close!

I truly don't understand why anyone would vote for Santorum, let alone three (well, four, counting Iowa) states. He's such a disgusting human being. This goes for the vast majority of the conservative base, to be honest with you. I believe that if you don't respect the rights of other people, you don't deserve to represent anyone, let alone myself. Furthermore, how would you feel if I told you all heterosexuals, or all people who follow a religion, should be taken off and killed? That's about how it feels to me. In other words: Missouri, you're dead to me. I'm worried about what will come of this country if the conservatives can only dredge up Rick "my name is a synonym with a fecal-flecked frothy lube mixture" Santorum, Mitt "Richer Than God" Romney, Ron "I'm Crazy!" Paul, and Newt "The Asshole" Gingrich. Can't the Republicans do better? Apparently not. If some extreme Christian Republican nut becomes president in the future, do not be surprised if I expatriate myself moreso than I already have. Apparently it's relatively simple to emigrate to New Zealand.

Here's a short story I wrote in Korean. It's been edited by native speakers so it has proper grammar and everything. I'm pretty pleased with how it came out. :)
어제 오후에 도서관에서 친구와 같이 공부했어요. 저는 아주 피곤해서 공부하고 싶지 않아요. 저는 "진수야, 공부하지 말자. 같이 등산하자!"라고 말했어요. 제 친구 진수가 제일 좋아하는 취미는 등산이에요. 진수는 "어, 등산하고 싶지만 나는 일을 다 끝내고 싶어" 라고 말했어요. 진수는 일을 다 끝낸 다음에 등산을 하러 가자고 했어요. 한 시간쯤 후에 진수는 공책을 덮었어요. 진수는, "내 일 다 끝냈어" 라고 말했어요. 저는 아주 신나서 자리에서 일어났고 밖을 봤어요. 저는 "진수야, 지금 날씨가 안 좋아" 라고 말했어요. 진수 배낭 안에 책을 놓다가 밖을 봤어요. 진수는 눈이 내릴 것 같다고 했어요. 갑자기 눈이 오기 시작해서 어제는 등산하러 가지 않았어요.
Yesterday afternoon I studied together with Jinsoo at the library. I was very tired and I didn't want to study. I said, "Jinsoo, let's not study. Let's go hiking!" My friend Jinsoo's favorite hobby is hiking. Jinsoo said, "Yeah, I want to go mountain climbing, however I want to finish all of my work." Jinsoo said we would go hiking after finishing all his work. About one hour later Jinsoo closed his notebook. Jinsoo said, "I finished my work." I was so excited that I got out of my seat and looked out the window. I said, "Jinsoo, the weather isn't good now." Jinsoo was putting books in his backpack and then looked outside. Jinsoo said that it looked like it would snow. Suddenly it started to snow so we couldn't go mountain climbing yesterday.
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