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난 나비

This is something I have an issue with: sometimes when I go from typing in one language to another language I forget where the letters are on the keyboard. My brain - or maybe just my muscle memory - is so attuned to typing in the first language that I continue to reach for the matching letters while I type in the second language. I used to look at the keys to figure out what I was doing wrong. These days my laptop has Roman letters and hangul on every key, so I look at the "Y" key and wonder why it's not the right letter - I typed "Y", after all!

These days I have a three-way key issue. Am I typing x, ㅌ, or ч? I don't know anymore.

I have my visa issuance number and I will bring my passport to the Korean consulate on Monday. I'll spend the next few days worrying about that and hopefully next week it'll come back with a new visa and I won't be so stressed anymore. Here's hoping.

Oh, and my new credit card arrived today. I'd like to congratulate myself on entering adulthood. Or, uh, something. On a semi-related note, the couch my parents bought in December to replace my bed arrived yesterday. I no longer have a bed. My bedroom is in the process of becoming my mother's crafts room. I don't particularly care, to be quite honest.

Studying is stressful and depressing. I have so far to go. That's all.
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