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Finished Sogang 2A! / 지구를 지켜라!

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January 29, 2012 | 08:22pm
Mood: study study

1월 동안 한국어 교과서를 공부했어요. 오늘 오후에 그걸 다 했어요! 그리고 내일은 새 교과서를 시작할 거예요. 언제나 공부해요... ㅠㅠ

Today I studied.
Anki: 30 minutes
Listening (reading/listening/practicing dialogues and a story): 40 minutes
Transcribing (3 dialogues and a story): 1 hour
Pimsleur unit 1 day 21: 30 minutes
Total: 2 hours 40 minutes

I started studying Sogang 2A on January 3rd and finished it January 29th. I've learned quite a bit thus far and I think I can safely say that my Korean ability has doubled in the last month. I can reproduce all of the grammar and the vocabulary within the textbook.

Some problems: I'm still having issues with the fact that this is an SOV language. Building a sentence backwards is not really something I'm used to, although there are aspects of this in Russian. My speaking skills are also an issue. I'm slow to react and fumble over my words. Fortunately I'll be back in Korea in a month... I'll be back with MQ and I intend on finding a language exchange partner or three. I am going to speak so much Korean my lips will fall off.

Since I finished Sogang 2A I don't know if I will start Sogang 2B tomorrow or if I will take a day off. I haven't taken a day off since I started, however keeping up the momentum would probably be a good idea. I guess I'll make the decision tomorrow...

On an unrelated note, yesterday I watched the movie Save The Green Planet! (지구를 지켜라!). It was an interesting mix of genres. A little bit horror, a little bit science fiction, a little bit romance, a little bit thriller. I watched it because I'd read that it was not what you'd expect from a Korean film, and they were right. The director tried to explore new boundaries and I'd say he succeeded pretty successfully. If you like blood, gore, and aliens, I suggest you watch this movie.

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