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tired. multitudes. documents sent.

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January 21, 2012 | 08:52pm
Mood: tired

I've finally been accepted to the language message board I mentioned a few weeks ago, so no more daily language posts! Unless they're important. And I'll still post them privately, just in case. Today I studied 2.5 hours, by the way.

I sent all of my documents via FedEx to Korea today. They're supposed to arrive by Wednesday. Here's hoping that happens.

Every time I go to the grocery store I remain flabbergasted at the multitudes of options available.

I've been wondering about what language I should tackle post-Korean, if there ever is a post-Korean. Mandarin? Japanese? Hebrew fascinates me for the writing system (aka lack of vowels!) and Greek sounds rough and gravely like Russian, so I approve. Being realistic, I know that my next language will depend on wherever I go and whatever I do in the next few years. I do have a little fantasy about doing a three month self-study crash course in, say, Indonesian this year before going traveling there for a few weeks, but that's kind of silly. Then again... Indonesian is supposed to be fairly easy...

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