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study study / active learning / 습관

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January 15, 2012 | 07:26pm
Mood: thoughtful

Typed up unit 5 vocabulary into Anki.
Reviewed vocabulary: 1.5 hours (combined new/old words)
Previewed unit 5 grammar: 30 minutes
Reviewed old grammar: 30 minutes
Pimsleur unit 1 day 7: 30 minutes
Coffee Prince, episode 3: 1 hour
Total: 3/4 hours

Grammar Review Examples:
외할머니께서 약국 건나편에서 과일을 사쎴어요. Grandmother sold fruit across from the pharmacy.
승우 아버지께 선물하실 거예요. I will give a present to Seungwoo's father.
이 니트가 마음에 안 들어서 진수한테 주고 싶어요. I don't like this sweater so I want to give it to Jinsoo.
공상 과학 영화를 추천해 드릴게요. I will recommend a science fiction movie for you.
음악을 들을 때 춤을 춤추하고 싶어요. I want to dance while listening to music.
내일 점심 때 뭐 할 거예요? What are you doing tomorrow for lunch?
새 책 사려고 서점에 갔어요. I went to the bookstore (in order) to buy a new book.
저는 샤워를 한 다음에 침대에서 잤어요. I slept in bed after taking a shower.
저는 침대에서 자기 전에 샤워를 했어요. I took a shower before sleeping in bed.
열심히 공부하면 말 잘 할 수 있을 거예요. You will probably speak well if you study hard. (I am particularly pleased with this sentence. Mixing grammatical rules, oh yeah!)

I think I'm going to start counting watching Korean dramas as studying when I am ONLY watching that. If my attention is divided then it's not active. Still gotta look for a transcript.

Some words just don't stick until you see/hear them in context. I was watching Coffee Prince, heard 습관 (habit), and it clicked for me. Hooray. :)

Language Goal: come back to Coffee Prince when my listening comprehension is better and see what the subtitles are leaving out.

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