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studying / apostille / furious

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January 11, 2012 | 07:51pm
Mood: frustrated

- reviewed Anki vocabulary (~35 minutes)
- listened to dialogues and stories 2 times each, read over them, worked on pronunciation, translated, and listened again (1 hour)
- transcribed dialogues from unit 1 and the story from unit 2 (1 hour)
- Pimsleur Unit 1 Day 3 (30 minutes)
Total: 3 hours

My ears may or may not be bleeding. I've only done a special listening day twice now and I've already noticed a difference: I'm making less mistakes in transcribing. Improvement.

Today I went to downtown Chicago to get my documents apostilled. I go in, give them my documents, they say that the FBI background check cannot be apostilled in Illinois. I sit down. 15 minutes later they call me up and say that they can't apostille my diplomas because it doesn't have my signature. "What?" I said. "It's notarized..." But it doesn't have my signature. However, they are nice enough to let me sign it in front of them and apostille it. Oy. Then I leave.

I still need to get my FBI background check apostilled. I have the choice of:
a) going to Iowa or Wisconsin and hope the people in the offices there will do it (50/50 chance)
b) mailing it to Washington DC and waiting 3-4 weeks to get it back ($8 plus shipping)
c) going to Washington DC next week and getting it done in person (costing hundreds of dollars in flights/hotels)
d) using a sketchy apostille agency on the internet ($100)

I messaged my recruiter and he tells me to "do it fast" because I'm "running out of time." Well, YOU NEVER TOLD ME to do this in the first place, ASSHOLE. I did this of my own initiative. I sent back a very passive aggressive email that bordered on not so passive and I am furious right now. This whole process PISSES ME OFF. I've spent hundreds of dollars and over a year of my time (accumulated over 3 years) trying to work and stay in Korea and it's NOT WORKING. FUCK.

I am going to go with option D. And B. And if I don't get any replies back within two weeks, C. I am so frustrated.

Okay, I'll shut up now.

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(no subject)

from: ladyequinox
date: January 12, 2012 10:47am (UTC)

Hey Hey!

Sounds stressful. :( I heard that you might need two copies of your degree apostilled now and two original criminal checks apostilled. One set for immigration and one set for the Board of Education. I'm not sure, so you can double check that for your public school job.

I hope all goes well. If you do end up in Washington you should go to the spy museum. It is FABULOUS.


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(no subject)

from: aodh
date: January 12, 2012 02:47pm (UTC)

Thanks for the advice! It's a good thing I've been setting up two copies of my documents just in case anyways, haha. I did this last time too-- just in case things didn't work out.

A spy museum? That sounds AMAZING. I'm going to use one of the apostille agencies and hope it works out. If not, it's Mr. Miller Goes to Washington. :(

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