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culture shock / Korean studies

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January 8, 2012 | 11:06pm
Mood: tired

Yesterday I went to Meijer (the equivalent of E-Mart, Lotte, or Wal-Mart) and some things really shocked me. First of all, there was tremendous variety. Long rows of cereal, soup, and booze. Many types of cheese. It was a little shocking. The second noticeable thing was the diversity of people. Everyone looked different. I could easily tell their ages apart. I heard at least five different languages in about 40 minutes. In Korea I hear Korean. That's about it.

I'm also kind of shocked by how many Korean churches, restaurants, and stores there are in the suburbs. How many Koreans live in this area, anyways? More than I'd thought.

My Korean studies are going well. Today I completed unit two of my textbook. I've reworked my study schedule slightly:

Day 1: input new vocabulary into Anki. Review two times. Preview grammar for new unit. Review grammar from two units prior.
Day 2: review vocabulary two times. Complete student book and workbook grammar, dialogues, and reading.
Day 3: review vocabulary two times. Complete student book and workbook listening exercises. Transcribe dialogues and story. Practice pronunciation.

Day 1 is review, preview, and vocabulary. Day 2 is grammar. Day 3 is listening comprehension. Today was day 3. I listened to the dialogues and story and wrote down everything I heard. This has always been one of my least favorite exercises but I think it will prove to be quite useful. The more I'm listening to the tracks the more I comprehend. I'm getting better at picking out individual words which is a definite improvement. I'm making many mistakes, but my spelling is overall quite good.

I'm gonna learn this language if it kills me. ^^~~!

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