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December 18, 2011 | 11:21pm
Mood: contemplative

Food I Want To Eat:
- Reese's cups

This weekend was pretty good. Friday night was drinks at Jodi's and an epic 2am snowball fight. Yes, we were those obnoxious foreigners. I don't feel too guilty about it.

Saturday I scrubbed my mold-covered walls. Lauren and I went downtown and did some Christmas shopping. I spent a lot of money, you guys. A LOT of money. Saturday night was hanging out at Patrick's followed by Minkyu coming over. Sunday was spent relaxing and napping and eating delicious dalkgalbijjim.

Studying: today I began, and finished, chapter 5 in my textbook. I learned the particles -을까요 and -고 and did some 하고 practice. Useful stuff. My goal is to complete the textbook (three chapters to go!) before I leave Korea.

In January/February I want to do textbook 2A. That's the equivalent of the first semester of second year university Korean. Two months is perfect for that book. Hell, I could probably do it in a month, but that's going a bit far, don't you think? In fact I intend on doing a book every two months next year, which will - with any luck - result in completing the equivalent of fourth year Korean by this time next year. It's a very reasonable goal. I'm noticing my Korean steadily improving. I think that by the time I complete book four (around April/May) I will be having reasonable conversations in Korean. I mean, I'm already capable of basic conversations, but it'd be nice to speak about more in-depth things, you know? I'm not sure if I will continue self-studying once I come back to Korea or if I will go to a university to study.

I think I want to attend grad school in Korea. I don't know what I will study or if these 8 textbooks will get me to the appropriate level to do my studies entirely in Korean, but I want to give it a shot. Maybe I will start grad school in March 2013 - or give it an extra year of studying and aim for 2014. Maybe in the long term I should look into translating. I mean, yeah, I hate translating, but perhaps it's different when you're actually fully fluent in the two languages? It'd be a great way to mix my love of languages with my love of writing.

Since I'm kind of on the topic, the other night we were at Jodi's and somehow I was telling everyone about the sort of things I loved researching and writing when I was doing Russian literature. Nobody really displays an interest toward this sort of thing so I don't talk about it very often. Susan mentioned recently that I am my most animated, my most passionate, when I'm talking about Russia. You know what? She's right. I don't really feel passion toward anything these days. I hope that studying Korean and immersing myself in the culture and, hopefully, eventually reading the literature, will evoke a new sort of passion - something to fill what I've been lacking. I am hopeful that Korea will become my new passion...

Anyways, talking about my plans is nice and good... now I need to do it.

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