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report cards, power point, delivery, sink problems

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November 15, 2011 | 05:33pm
Mood: sigh

Today was a pretty busy day.

I almost completed my elementary school report cards; I have presentations in two classes to grade tomorrow and then I'll be able to finish up. I also wrote up my comments for my six year olds' report cards. I haven't been given the papers yet so I still need to physically write them, but at least the thinking part of the process is complete.

I also began my power point for my demo class. I'm not sure how much of this should be in the power point and how much I should teach. I have to figure out a few technical things in Open Office (how do you only let one line of text appear at a time? How do you put a timer/clock in? etc) but overall I have a decent start.

Also I just ordered delivery and was on the phone for 25 seconds. I have this shit down, you guys. Word. On the other hand, my sink is a piece of shit. Copy/pasted from Facebook: It's not so much that I dislike the way in which Korea constructs buildings - shoddily, that is. I just think that it can't be too difficult to construct a sink in such a way that it doesn't fall apart every time I wash my hands. #firstworldproblems? #problemswithmylandlord

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