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I should study.

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November 14, 2011 | 07:41pm
Mood: thoughtful

I haven't updated in a while. Where should I start first?

1) I am increasingly thinking that I will be saying "screw it" and leaving my job at the end of December. I think I will do a one month CELTA (TEFL/Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate) program in January and then come back to Chicago in February. Then return to Korea in March. There's a good chance that I'll have to leave my school mid/end of January and why should I spend my last month of this job working the long hours of winter camp? An extra 1000 USD is not worth it.

2) I am interviewing with a public school job literally 15 minutes walking distance from my home right now. It's a three interview process; I passed interview one, basic questions, last week. This Friday I will have interview two where I will be asked the same questions again and give a demo class. I've made a lesson plan and I will make a few activities/powerpoint to go with it. The pay is quite good, the hours are great, and the vacation time is outstanding. I hope I get the job.

3) NaNoWriMo is more like LOLOhNo.

4) I added over 50 books to my Nook today. Now, I can't add the new update to my Nook because it's a piece of shit and there's a long, drawn out story to go with this that I'll probably detail in the new future; but the battery lasts a month and it gets the job done so an extra 50 books will last me a while.

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