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study problems / shitting recruiters / depressed

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October 28, 2011 | 11:42pm
Mood: not good.

I finished chapter 3 early yesterday but I haven't started chapter 4 yet. Why? I have some issues to address.
1. I am starting to forget grammar. I need to do a review of the last book and a half because I don't think I can produce things like -어 보세요 because that just hasn't clicked in my mind yet.
2. I need to do some writing. I think I'm capable of grammatically correct sentences/paragraphs (?) but I don't know. So... time to practice.
3. I need to rip my CDs on my old laptop and send them to this one so I can do more listening comprehension. That would actually be a good review.

The recruiter I applied to a few weeks ago messaged me this morning, telling me that I need to consider jobs outside of Gwangju because he has "12 applicants with experience in Gwangju" including "three very attractive females." For fuck's sake. Stop with the excuses. You told me you had plenty of jobs, don't tell me this shit now! I NEED to be in Gwangju. I am going to go to university here. I have a significant other and a LIFE here. I'm not going to work in the fucking boonies just because some douchebag recruiter wants some money. So yeah, I immediately applied to another recruiter, but Christ, there has to be a better way of doing this. If I don't have a job by mid-January I'm going door to door.

I spent two hours scrubbing my apartment today. For unrelated reasons I'm really depressed and in a bad mood right now so I should just go to sleep and wake up in a good mood. So I'm going to go do that. Here's hoping tomorrow is an improvement on today.

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