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Malaysia / my mom! / studying / new job?

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October 12, 2011 | 12:27am
Mood: thoughtful

My mother is currently snoring away in the other room.

Last week I met up with my mom in Seoul and we took a flight together from Korea to Kuala Lumpur, then another flight to Penang. Penang is an island originally uninhabited but once the British got a hold of it they colonized it. I have to admit, I wasn't crazy about our Penang experience. It's not bad, but if you like sight seeing it's not a great place to go. They had a few nice temples and mosques, including a giant reclining Buddha and a Burmese temple built something like 150 years ago. We bought most of our meals at a hawker center down the block from our (very nice) hotel. Hawker centers are present in Malaysia and Singapore (and maybe Indonesia?) - basically it's a bunch of stalls where people cook food outside and you buy it cheap. It's incredible. We would buy the equivalent of 3 meals for a total of $3.50 USD.

On Wednesday we left Penang and went down to Kuala Lumpur. The first few days I wasn't crazy about the city, although I did rather like the incredible diversity - it was like a slightly cleaner, more diverse version of Bangkok, but not as nice as Singapore. Chinatown (Petaling Street) was a waste of time; a cheap, shittier version of Khaosan Road in Bangkok. KL Tower was a total tourist trap. The Petronas Towers were incredible, but I've always been partial to great architecture. The last day however was by far the best of the trip: we went to the Batu Caves, ate Subway, found a market and did some souvenir shopping (practicing my haggling skills!), ate at another hawker center, and I went to see the Petronas Towers alone that evening. Fantastic during the day, absolutely amazing at night. Saturday we returned home. I was concerned that our flight would be late and we'd miss the last bus to Gwangju from the airport, so I sprinted through the airport, managed to get through immigration quickly, and bought tickets with plenty of time to spare.

My mom seems to enjoy traveling, although she's a bit nervous about doing things alone. However she's been going for walks during the day and we're spending plenty of time together so I'd say this is a worthwhile trip! I really enjoy having her here. I've missed her.

Last night and today I typed up the entirety of the glossary of my first Korean textbook. I plan on memorizing everything before I begin the next book. I should have it finished by next week. Once I finish this I will start my new textbook and my new study plan: complete 1 chapter every 3 days (~3 pages/day). Complete the corresponding workbook pages on the same day. Do at least 30 minutes of active listening every day - listen to a song or a news article and read the transcript in Korean/English and figure out the grammar/vocabulary via that. Memorize the vocabulary for the chapter every day. I suspect this journal may become a study log. Sorry in advance.

I also applied to a recruiter for another job in Gwangju, but he seems rather sketchy. I need to talk to my boss regarding the possibility of working part time next year - if I could start at 2pm every day instead of 12pm I'd be able to take the 4 hour Korean classes at Chonnam University. That would make my studying far easier. If my boss says no, well, I guess I'm stuck with the recruiter. In the mean time I'll just keep studying by myself.

Oh! A thought: next month is NaNoWriMo. Studying, work, having a social life, AND writing a novel? We'll see how that goes. Maybe I'll turn it into "National Short Story Writing Month." I have quite a few short stories I've been wanting to complete...

Also: MQ and I have been together six months as of last week. :)

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