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study! gogogo

Minkyu and I made a deal last night: I am dissatisfied with my Korean abilities. He's unsatisfied with his English. It's proving to be somewhat detrimental to our relationship. Therefore we shall do the obvious-- study.

As far as I'm concerned, communication is key in a relationship. Yeah, this is my first relationship, but I think it's quite important in a cross-culture, multi-language relationship. Especially when neither of us are fluent or even comfortable in the other's first language.

한국만 공부해요. 그래서 민규는 영어 공부해요. I will study Korean and Minkyu will study English. The goal is to be able to speak to one another with ease. Then sometime in the future we will go to a Japanese hagwon and study Japanese together. Haha.

I'll never be a polyglot if I don't try. I know this entry is kind of dorky, but hey, I don't go on about my relationship that often, so I think it's okay if I talk about it just this once. (I also realize that I wrote about leaving Korea in my last entry. I'm incredibly indecisive. What can I say?)

Every day I will:
1) do one page (new grammatical point) in my Seogang textbook.
2) do the corresponding page in the workbook.
3) do one lesson on the TalkToMeInKorean website
4) memorize 5 new words, or 35 a week, from my 2000 Essential Korean Words book.

This will take me about 1 hour a day. That's not exactly time-consuming. Git er done!
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