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an eventful weekend

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April 26, 2011 | 12:38am
Mood: good

This weekend was incredible.

Thursday Vanessa and I held a surprise party for Caroline. It was a rousing success.

Friday I messaged Megan at an inordinately early hour and we - plus Caroline - went to the bank. I sent home 16,000,000 won. That's about 14,600 USD. That's right. Then we collected Jodi and went to Sangmu where we ate McDonalds and saw "My Name is Khan." Great movie. We went home, I napped, and we went downtown to Jino's for Caroline's birthday dinner. I came home at 10:30 and met up with Minkyu, who spent the night.

Saturday Megan, Jodi, Marisa, and myself went to a tulip festival on Imja-do, an island a couple hours south. It was probably my favorite festival yet, and Imja-do is beautiful. We returned at about 7pm and separated. I had a soju screwdriver at home. This started my evening of debauchery. Then I brought Marisa to Jenn's, where I drank a bottle of white wine and did 3.5 shots of my 40 proof vodka. Then Jenn, Zeph and myself went downtown. Everyone else went to see some live bands.

First we went to the Kunsthalle. It was pretty dead - we were the only foreigners - and I told Minkyu to come. Then we went to Mix. I danced for a while, drank a rum and coke, and waited for Minkyu. Eventually Megan showed up. Apparently I'd sent her a text that said "with Jodi good luck", but what I'd meant to write was "good luck with Jodi." This shows the necessity of proper grammar in English. Minkyu calls and says he's near Mix, so I leave the bar to go to the main road to find him. Then he calls and says he's at Ministop, so I go back to Ministop. Then he calls and says he's in Mix, and when I go up he's there. I was wasted. I bought him a beer and we drank together. Then Jodi and her friend showed up. I discussed how awesome Pittsburgh was. Yes, Pittsburgh. Then Minkyu and I (and Megan) went to Bubble Bar.

This is about when I start to lose track of the night. I remember seeing Diana. I remember saying "Thank you" to Megan about seventy times. Why did I say thank you? There are lots of reasons, but for now let's just leave it at she was there. I remember saying thank you to Minkyu, because he's a sweet guy who actually seems to like me. I remember Minkyu kissing me a few times - in the middle of the bar - which surprised me. I sort of remember holding Megan and Minkyu's hands and sort of weaving back and forth. I remember going into a cab with Minkyu and he said "Pungam dong" instead of "Pungam jigu." I don't remember anything until we were back in my apartment. "Adam go asleep," Minkyu said, and I changed into my pajamas and weaved around the apartment and passed out fast.

I woke up at 8:30, still drunk, when Minkyu had to go. "Thank you so much," I said. "Good night." Then I woke up at 11:30, still drunk. I moved to the living room. I hit hangover status when Jodi texted about lunch. "Actually no lunch I'm sorry I'm dying." I lay on my couch and passed out until 2pm. Then I woke up and I wasn't dying anymore. I received a text from Jodi at about 3:30: "Are you alive?" My response: "no". The first thing I ate all day was TGIFriday's. I was okay and then hungover again and then I hopped in a cab and met up with Vanessa, who had food poisoning. Then I went for a talk walk with Diana. Then I came home and passed out.

All in all, it was an astonishingly good weekend. I'm still trying to piece together Saturday night. When did I leave Bubble Bar? Before 2:56, when I texted Diana from the cab "I left I'm sorry good night." Jodi called and texted a few times after that, but I was already dead to the world by then. Minkyu is still talking to me even after we kissed in public - as public as Bubble Bar is - and he just drunk dialed me again. It's been a long time since I've been this happy. Or this drunk. Good lord.

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