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don't like this, so I really must go

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January 25, 2011 | 09:16pm
Mood: tired
Music: Wolf Gang - Night Flying

January has been a blur. I only have three more days of winter camp left and then I'm free! Free, I say!

It has been a long, tiring month.

Next week is Lunar New Year. We have three days off. I also put off making plans until last minute, and now I'm just dreading traveling. I think I'll just stay in Korea. I'd love to travel but it's so stressful and time consuming-- and right now all I want to do is relax. Traveling is not relaxing. I'm sure I'll regret my decision in the future, but whatever. Instead, I plan on going shopping: buying wireless speakers/an iPod dock, buying an exercise bike, maybe buying new clothes and new glasses. I am a capitalist pig. I'm okay with that.

she said oh would you like
a taste of my honey
just try a taste of my honey
makes your night a little more fun and
i think i'd like you a little more honey

night flying
sky diving
free falling and you're out of my mind

low lying
slow dying
you wear a smile and you're never too kind

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