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Flying Boys (2004)

I just finished watching a Korean movie, "Flying Boys" (발레 교습소).

Here's the synopsis: Min-jae is a high school senior who lives with his father, an airline pilot, and is struggling with his studies. For some time he has had a crush on Su-jin, a girl his own age who lives in the same apartment building, but has lacked the courage to approach her. Su-jin, meanwhile, is frustrated with her family life and keen to get away. She plans to become a veterinarian, even though she is no good with animals.

Min-jae and Su-jin are unexpectedly thrown together when they are both pressured into joining a local ballet class. As time passes they get to know each other, as well as the other oddball characters who make up the rest of the class.

My thoughts: I wasn't expecting much from the film, and in fact I thought it would be a typical romantic drama, the sort of thing Koreans love from their movies/TV shows.

I was wrong.

This is an AMAZING film. I mean, I don't even know how to describe it. That synopsis discusses only a fraction of what the film is about. Family issues, growing pains, independence, second choices, second chances. I was genuinely blown away. Everything is absolutely perfect. This film is right up there with "Stalker" and "They Shoot Dogs, Don't They?" in my books. I sat riveted throughout the entire film. That never happens. Wow.

It's an incredibly overlooked movie considering the featured stars: Yoon Kye Sang is a former idol-turned-actor (g.o.d., anyone?) and Lee Jung Ki is a massive star (his role as the eponymous clown from King and the Clown is only the tip of the iceberg). There's also homoerotica up the wazoo. You'd think the fangirls would be all over this.

Anyways, I just wanted to express my pleasure to the world at large. It's rare that I find such a worthwhile film. I guess my decision to educate myself through Asian films was a good idea. I wonder what other treasures I'll find?

In other words: this is a long winded way of saying, "watch this movie." I know I'll be re-watching it, probably sooner rather than later.
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