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one day I will really bake a pie.

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December 5, 2010 | 11:14am
Mood: optimistic?

I'm alive, I swear.

1. I asked my boss if I could renew my contract for another year and he said yes. I will receive a significant raise in salary (significant by my standards) and I will hopefully be able to get the entirety of Chuseok week/September break off. I was honestly planning to move to Seoul, but my reasons were pretty flimsy. In Gwangju I have a decent job, a good apartment, and good friends. It would be stupid to move. I'm sure I'll regret my decision soon enough.

2. I hate Christmas. Waste of time. Can't everyone be Korean about things and ignore the holiday?

3. I was supposed to go to the DMZ this weekend but I realized I'd spent too much money this month. No more than one big expenditure per paycheck.

4. Travel plans for 2011. I have several decent-sized breaks next year. Here are my current plans. Note: for a number of reasons this will change at any given moment.

February, 5 days: Hong Kong or Japan. In other words somewhere close and cheap.
July, 9 days: Cambodia and Vietnam. My mom WILL come for the whole month if I have to fly to America and drag her back. I think these countries would be a good option for her.
September, hopefully +9 days: Borneo: Brunei, Indonesia, and Malaysia. If I get off a full week I will do this trip. If I manage to get off more than a week - depending on if I can use my sick days - I will do a Borneo and all-over Malaysia trip. Alternatively I will do RUSSIA (!!). Or India, Nepal, and Bhutan. Or all over China, including a trip to Tibet. Very up in the air. So many places to go, and so little time to do it!

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Re: pie?

from: aodh
date: December 9, 2010 03:48pm (UTC)

Well, baking a pie is difficult here-- no oven. But I can make a no-bake pie. Planning on making a peanut butter pie one of these days....

I hope it all happens. I should be able to add at least 2 more countries to my list....

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