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Maybe Galbi's owners should do as his name implies.

I am failing miserably at NaNoWriMo this year. I think the main problem is that my work/sleep/socialization/relaxation schedule interferes with my prime writing times. Nothing I'm writing is really blowing me away so when someone messages me on MSN I gladly take a break from writing. Dumb.

I think it's time I pull out the big guns: skip ahead to the drag queen scenes. Alternatively, I could throw in an alien encounter and maybe that will take up a few thousands words. Christ. I'm a failure.

Today I may be buying an iPod Touch. Or a DSLR camera. Probably the former, because I haven't (over-)researched the latter yet to the extent that I like. I've been holding out for a proper tablet that has everything I want but the technology just isn't there yet. Oh well.

I need to stop pissing around and start sending out my resume. Git 'er done, Adam.
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