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A quick NaNoWriMo post because I should probably be writing/in bed right now but I'm not because I'm insane:

November 4
Words Today:
Total Words: 6756

Here's the thing. The first 2100 words are from November 1, on which I wrote my first novel of the month. It was shit, had no plot, and was just me rambling for 3 pages. I didn't write anything November 2 (Tuesday). On November 3 (Wednesday) I came up with a brand new plot and 2000 more words. Today I wrote 2700ish which got me back on schedule - barely.

This weekend I intend on writing like a motherfucker. I am aiming for 25,000 words by Monday. Doubt I'll manage it, but I can dream, right? When I'm far enough ahead I'll drop the words from my first novel, but for now it makes me feel good to have those extra words so I'm keeping them.

The main issue with writing this month is that I can't write in the evenings and I don't feel like writing in the mornings. Most of my words are what I manage to scribble down in emails to myself at work. Then I come home and rewrite it all and write another however many words before I eat dinner or talk to Mo.

Working Title: The Senior Year Project / Senior Year
Genre: Young Adult
The Plot: Peter's high school was chosen to be the location of a new reality TV show/documentary/miniseries. Much to his surprise, he is chosen to be one of the people filmed, even though he's average in every way. But - he has a secret he doesn't want anyone to know. Especially not the viewing public. Dum dum dum.

The actual outline looks a hell of a lot better than that summary. It sounds dumb, but my protagonist has already found his voice* and thus far the story is practically writing itself. I doubt it'll continue like that for long, but I can hope, right?

* Oh, and by voice I mean - sadly - I am writing in first person this year. Damn. I was hoping to switch back to third. He's a fairly detached person, sits back and lets people walk over him, which I hope to stamp out of him by the end of the novel. On occasion he breaks the fourth wall. He's the sort of person who is quiet when he's around other people but goes into the bathroom and screams at the mirror. Honestly, he shares quite a few traits with me, although I would hope that I'm not as bad as he is. I also hope that he changes his ways by the time I'm done with him.

By the way, two things: I whip my hair back and forth. Also, one of my 8 year olds - who is actually 7 in western age - was begging me to play Justin Bieber's "Baby" in class today. I mean. I can't. I don't even. Sigh.

Okay, enough of that. Time for bed.
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