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the last few days and being sick

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October 3, 2010 | 05:22pm
Mood: ugh

The Singapore post is coming soon, but for now I thought I'd post a new update on my life.

The last time I went for a run I fucked up my knee, so walking up/down stairs - and walking in general - was unpleasant for a few days there. Still is, but not as bad as before.

I'd had a tingling in my throat all week but on Thursday it evolved into a full-fledged cold. I actually had a fever. Ended up sleeping for 12 hours straight that night.

Friday was a nightmare. I could barely walk and my cold was awful; I was hacking away, I couldn't stand (due to the cold) and I couldn't stand straight (thanks to my leg). My last four hours of classes - no breaks - were a nightmare. After work I went to Zandra's going away: soju bar and noraebang. I left at about 12:30 because I was exhausted.

Saturday my knee was feeling better, but the cold was about the same. I went for Vietnamese-style Shabu, napped while listening to the rain outside, and then went out for Bry's birthday. We went to Pasta Valley, Thong Bar, Soul Train (where they did a fireshow which was good but a little long), and Bubble Bar. I danced a lot at Bubble Bar but the smoke combined with my cold was downright painful so I went home at 2.

Today I did a whole lot of nothing. Went grocery shopping, discovered that Milkis comes in multiple flavors (alas, not as good as the original), and did my laundry. I'm trying to put everything on my computer onto my 2TB external hard drive so I can format my computer. It's taking approximately 90 years. Not cool. And I haven't even started putting the TV shows from my other external hard drives onto this one...

The cold isn't much better - in fact the coughing may be worse - but the knee is. I have no appetite right now. I spent about an hour eating my french fries and my burger has sat around for the last 4 hours. Gonna choke down the burger and maybe some soup later if I can manage that...

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(no subject)

from: amandas2006
date: October 3, 2010 11:45am (UTC)

you always seem to have a cold. Why does Korea constantly want you sick :-(
I luckily haven't been sick yet since I've been to Germany. I did have a sore throat for almost a week but that didn't turn out to be anything.

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