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safe and sound

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August 3, 2010 | 12:20am
Mood: a pledge

I'm back safe and sound in Korea. It was a long trip back. I'll write up a full post about Thailand at a more decent hour... I promise.

I've started teaching summer camp. It's an intensive month-long English class. Four kids, none of whom are willing to speak, one of whom is a total space cadet; I teach him in another class and he is not the brightest monkey in the barrel. Oh well.

I am going through my photos from Thailand and while I enjoy reliving the memories (Ayutthaya was one of the most amazing places I've ever been), I am also despairing at the utter shit that are my photography skills. My new camera takes some great photos but the camera can't do all the work. I think this will be my new project. You know, if I can find time around this working/running/biking/sleeping nonsense.

I need to figure out my September trip. The decision to where I go is probably going to depend on the very important "can I find a flight that won't leave me broke?" factor. Answer: probably not.

- Malaysia: Penang & Kuala Lumpur (if I can find decent flights I will do this)
- Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) & Singapore (Singapore city)
- Hong Kong/Macau/Guangzhou (Megan suggested this trip and I think it's rather brilliant)
- China: Shanghai/Beijing (if someone else is up to going with me then I'll do it, otherwise I'll save it for - another vacation)
- Vietnam (travel throughout the country)
- Myanmar (or, alternatively, Laos: Myanmar-lite?)
- a nice relaxing beach in a boring country where there's no sights to see!!!! (This will probably not happen because it's rainy season everywhere in Asia; also, I will feel obligated to sightsee because that's just how I roll)
- stay in Korea and go to Seoul/Gangwon-do/Busan/Daegu/the beach?? PROBABLY NOT BUT IT'S AN OPTION!!!

I'll probably be traveling by myself. I'm down with that. I feel more confident having traveled to Thailand, although I will not have a Megan to help me convert baht to won (or a Megan/Zandra to wake up to look at rainbows, etc). I think I can handle it.

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(no subject)

from: evilfishytank
date: August 3, 2010 06:14am (UTC)

I have reason to believe that it would be somewhat difficult to enter Burma (yes Burma, not Myanmar; they don't deserve the right to call themselves by their proper name so long as they treat their citizens like shit) if you have a US passport. /junior consular officer rant slash advice.

I recommend the Philippines. It's like a Latin American country and Malaysia or Indonesia had a baby. Not that I'm exactly biased...

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(no subject)

from: aodh
date: August 3, 2010 10:05am (UTC)

As far as I know as long as you're with a tour group Myanmar (I don't really care what they call themselves but I prefer Myanmar since that's their official name) is easy enough to get into. Maybe they wouldn't let me across the border, but if so I'd just go to another country with visa on arrival... Cambodia or Thailand or Laos.

I'd like to go to the Philippines but since September is rainy season I kind of want to wait until there's better weather. Where would you recommend going? I think I'd probably go to Cebu if I were to go today...

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(no subject)

from: sittingontrains
date: August 3, 2010 03:45pm (UTC)

Do you think you would still be in Korea during the 2011-2012 school year or beyond? Because there is a small, small chance (contingent upon me getting a graduate fellowship and deciding to accept it) that I might be living in Hong Kong from approximately 2011-2014. Which means you could come visit and wouldn't have to be all alone!! All those options sound awesome though, Malaysia would be incredible and I love China so, so much. I liked Vietnam very much but it is not really a country that I would want to visit by myself, but if you already did that in Thailand you'd probably be ok. I'm sure it will be awesome no matter where you choose!!

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(no subject)

from: aodh
date: August 5, 2010 01:48pm (UTC)

I'm almost definitely going to be in Korea - or at the very least somewhere in Asia - in 2011 and beyond. I hope you receive the fellowship and get to live in Hong Kong! That would be amazing. Then we can visit each other and have Russian Club get-togethers in Asia!

I really, really want to visit Malaysia... I'm iffy about China but I'd be willing to check it out... I didn't travel alone in Thailand (I went with two friends) but I think I could handle traveling alone there. I'd really like to check out Vietnam eventually... and Cambodia... siiigh. Why can't I have a year vacation instead of 1 week? :(

We need to exchange music sometime soon! And by exchange music I mean, I'll give you youtube links... hahaha. Haven't downloaded a lot of music lately!

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