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July 29, 2010 | 08:08pm
Mood: happy

Currently in Bangkok. This has been an amazing vacation. Phuket was fantastic, Koh Phi Phi was stunning (although frustrating-- it rained so much my camera died and I had to buy a new one when I got to Bangkok), Ayutthaya was gorgeous but exhausting, the Palace in Bangkok was amazing. 1.5 more days in Bangkok and then countless hours of traveling back to Gwangju...

This has been one of the best trips of my life, if not the best trip. I'm feeling incredibly relaxed. I have been eating horribly unhealthy Thai food (and Hebrew food-- dinner tonight was schnitzel. Mmmm). Much like gimbap, I could eat curry for every meal every day.

Okay, my 10 baht for 15 minutes of computer time is almost up. Time to get going. Tomorrow is Chinatown and more walking... and more tanning/burning. More detailed post Monday/Sunday...

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