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June 19, 2010 | 09:14am
Mood: upbeat

Last night was epic, not gonna lie. Miller Time with Josh, Jodi, and Kylee. Soju cocktails at Fishing Grill (or whatever it's called) with Jodi, Kylee, Kylee's acquaintence Joe, and his friends Jake and Phil. Bubble Bar with that group plus Tisha, Joe's friend. Then half of them left and me, Joe, Tisha, and Jodi danced for a couple hours. Mandu with those three. We tried to find the gay bars (because half of us were gay, the other two were just drunk) but that failed. Noraebang. We came home at 5am and I discovered that I'd lost my keys somewhere last night - but I still had my umbrella! I spent 30 minutes trying to break into my apartment, succeeded only in getting cut up and bruised, and then spent 3 hours sleeping on the roof until Paul came to rescue me. Thanks, Paul.

Today's plans: try to sleep, maybe go to the beach in Boseong with Joe and Tisha, or maybe just sit around all day. I don't know. I suspect today's just going to be another boring day in my boring life, but you know what, whatever. I'm waaaasted and in a good mood so this shit is off the hook, yo. Best night ever.

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from: aodh
date: June 20, 2010 10:29am (UTC)

That's the first time I've ever lost anything as important as my keys... I have no idea where or when it could've happened. sigh.

liquor helps out with social situations, I gotta say...

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