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I went to Jeju.

Jeju was good. Nigel and I caught a 7am bus for Mokpo (50 minutes away) to catch our ferry to Jeju. The ferry was nice - big and nice - but it's not somewhere you want to be stuck for 4 hours. Or 11.5. Turns out the fog in Gwangju - and Mokpo - stretched across the sea to Jeju. The ferry stopped about 45 minutes outside of Jeju and we just sat there for 7 hours. It was incredibly dull, with the exception of the nice family next to us who gave us nori and got kimchi jjigae for us, and the four year old who enjoyed punching me. Eventually the ferry decided to risk the fog and we successfully arrived on shore at about 8pm. We were supposed to arrive at 1:45pm. Ridiculous.

We got a motel room and went out to a bar and started drinking. Jodi, Kylee, and Josh eventually showed up, having started drinking earlier with some random Koreans they met. Everyone was in a weird mood. I was an asshole because they promised to wait to go to Loveland until I was there but they didn't (thanks, guys). I don't know why everyone else was off. Alcohol probably. Eventually we got tired and went to bed.

Friday we met up, had breakfast, and started the day. This was the only sunny day of the trip. We went to a cave which was pretty cool. Then we went to a maze which was similarly pretty cool until the end. Then we went to a ferry terminal - planning to go to an island off the coast of Jeju - but instead we took a submarine trip which was dull, but hey, we've been on a submarine now. Still not worth the money though. We drank outside the ferry terminal and then went up Sunrise Peak, which was by far the best part of the trip. We drank at the top, took photos, and went back to Jeju City. That night we split up, got food in separate groups, and went to bed.

Saturday started very late. We split up for lunch - Josh and I got food at a random restaurant, everyone else went to McDonalds again - and then Kylee left to catch her plane back to Gwangju. Since it was rainy again we we sat around the hotel playing card games and drinking until Jodi left for to catch her plane. Then Josh, Nigel, and I were able to start the day. We took a taxi to the "remains of Mongolia" - apparently the Mongol Horde made their way to Jeju. The problem was that there weren't any remains. Then we went to Psyche World, which had ropes and a zipline, that sort of thing. Yet again there was a problem: it was rainy so all of the fun stuff was closed for the day. There was, however, a mirror maze, which was awesome. Then we went to Loveland (a sex theme park) which was cool in that "I can't believe Korea has something like this" sort of way. Josh had already gone with Jodi and Kylee so he didn't go in, but Nigel and I were able to experience it too. We returned to Jeju City, got cheese donkkaseu and went to a bar where Josh spent several hours hitting on a bartender, Nigel spent several hours translating for Josh, and I spent several hours staring at the wall. Then bed. (I spent the night trying not to open my eyes, because the walls were spinning. That's what I get for drinking such an obnoxious amount of alcohol...)

Sunday we went to a 5-story pagoda at a temple, accidentally crashed a town festival (and had our pictures taken, which will probably end up in a newspaper somewhere), and went to our hostel for the night. Then we got lunch. Then we split up and Nigel and I spent a few hours wandering around visiting temples. There are a lot of temples situated in the middle of Jeju City. Then hostel. Then we played Korean Monopoly, which Josh won. Later we took a walk, ended up at the beach, and went back to the hostel. Monday we got up early, caught our plane back to Gwangju, and went to work.

Overall it was a good weekend - a nice break from Gwangju - but I definitely think Jeju would have been more enjoyable if it were sunny and we'd been able to spend some time on a beach. One day I may return to Jeju. But only if it's sunny.

This weekend is Kylee's birthday celebration. Honestly, I don't want to do anything. I just want to spend the whole weekend in bed. Instead I get to donate my floor so random people I barely know have a place to sleep. Fantastic.

Oh, and I have new rules regarding my facebook photo albums: I'm not tagging anyone anymore. I'm not deleting photos. These are my photos. I don't take them for you. If you don't like it, then tough shit.
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