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I went to Seoul over the weekend. So I'm going to write about it. Enjoy.

Nigel and I met up at 8am Saturday morning and took a taxi to the train station. We got our tickets, hopped on the train, and spent 2.5 hours going up to Seoul. We arrived, at lunch at Lotteria (I know, unique to Seoul, right?). We went to the electronics market in Yongsan station and met up with Kylee, who was up in Seoul for the weekend as well.

We spent the next couple hours wandering around a string of electronics markets. I ended up buying a spare camera battery and a 2 terabyte external harddrive. I contemplated buying a PSP but ended up deciding that I'll just wait for a decent tablet computer to come out. We'll see if I actually do that.

The three of us split up and Nigel and I went to Itaewon, the main foreigner district in Seoul. We stopped by What The Book, an English-language bookstore and I pigged out on books because I do that sort of thing. We then went to a cheap motel looking for accomodation... but they were full up. Then we went to a mid-range hotel... also full. Wandered around looking for another motel... nothing. We ended up at the expensive hotel where we shared a room.

Later we met up with Megan, Zandra, and Megan's friends Kate and Janel at some market somewhere. We watched them shop and eventually split up again - the girls were going to get ready for dinner/going out later, we were just going to go wait. We drank and listened to music for 3 hours until the girls arrived. Finally we went for dinner-- and there was all sorts of drama about that. We ended up getting okay Mexican food. Then... we went to Homo Hill.

Homo Hill is exactly what it sounds: a street of gay bars and clubs on a hill in the middle of Itaewon. We went to a bar, drank there for a while, watched Nigel play charades, and contemplated going to a club. Sometime around here we ran into Kylee, who was drinking at a straight bar with her college friends. The girls decided they were too tired/didn't want to go into a smoky club so they left. Nigel and I went to a 7-11, got some drinks, drank outside for a while, and eventually went to a gay club. We drank there, watched the homos dance, and left the club. Then we decided to go back and we actually started to dance, which was pretty entertaining. Sometime around here I started getting a string of texts from Kylee asking, "Where are you? I can't find you, what's going on?" etc. This kept going all night.

After a few eventful hours Nigel and I headed back for our hotel and passed out.

On Sunday we met up with the girls. I was promised Thai food for lunch but that fell through, so I got a kebab instead. Then we went to some random temple. Then we went to Coex Mall, where we had Sbarro. Let me rant a little, and don't take this to heart: I went to Seoul to do things I can't do in Gwangju. Going to electronics markets and seeing all sorts of cool shit I didn't even know I wanted, sure. Watching a lantern parade, cool. Going to gay clubs and dancing with other fags and not being stared at by a bunch of heterosexual assholes, awesome. Having pizza... no. I realize I could've gone to another restaurant, but they were all exactly the same as Gwangju. Bitch, moan, etc. Whatever.

After that we went to the girls' hostel, where Megan and Zandra got their bags and we headed off to the Lotus Lantern Festival. We walked around the festival, visited a temple, met up with another one of Megan's friends, went to another market, and made our way to Dongdaemun, which is where the parade was supposed to start. And start it did. And it kept going... and going... and going. I'm not a big fan of parades, apparently. Then we left. Then we went to the express bus terminal. Then we ate dinner (McDonalds). Then we took the bus back to Gwangju. We got home at 1:40am. That's about that.

It was an expensive weekend. Parts were pretty awesome. Parts were average. That's just how it goes. I'd like to go back to Seoul in the future, but I don't know if I care enough to bother. We'll see.

In other news, I am in the midst of cold #6 of 2010. I also have over 1000 photos to upload/edit and I'm going to Jeju in t-minus 3 days. That'll result in a few more hundred photos. It never ends.

I will say this much; the weekend after Jeju I am staying in Gwangju and I'm going to do absolutely nothing. Although I am contemplating a foreign food weekend in which I will be going for Thai/Vietnamese/Indian/Mexican/etc for every meal. It will be expensive, delicious, will probably destroy my stomach, and it'll totally be worth it. You're welcome to join.
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