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Step back, work to be done.

I just spent the last hour talking to Caitlin and basically my outlook on life is infinitely better. I can't talk to anyone about the sort of shit I talk with her about and she knows exactly how to cheer me up. Thanks, Cait.

The last week has been fairly eventful. Saturday a bunch of us (Jodi, Josh, Kylee, Megan, Nigel, Vanessa, Zandra) went to Damyang, about forty minutes away from Gwangju, for a Bamboo Festival. We split into groups and we wandered around for most of the day. Jodi and I got a photo with the festival's mascot, a bamboo man. Totally worth tracking him down. We hiked in the bamboo forest, went on a pedal boat, and took a shitload of photos.

After the festival our groups broke up and Nigel, Megan, and I went to a Slow Village. I don't know why it was slow, but it was nice. Then we walked for a while and ended up at a temple. Then we came home. That night I drank with Jodi at her place, met up with Josh and a few other people at Millertime, and then we went downtown. I got pretty wasted and came home earlyish.

Nothing happened again until Wednesday, which was Children's Day. No work! Thanks, Korea... and Korean children. We (Megan, Nigel, Zandra, and Megan's friends Kate and Janel) went to the Green Tea Festival in Boseong, 1.5 hours from Gwangju. I don't much like green tea - or any tea whatsoever - but it was pretty cool. The tea fields were beautiful and totally worth the trip. The crowds - not so much. We came back to Gwangju, got dinner at Outback Steakhouse, and came home.

I don't know what I'm going to get up to this weekend. Probably just relaxing, since the weekend after I'll be in Seoul and two weekends from now I'll be in Jeju. I've been in a shitty mood lately and I intend on getting smashed, which probably won't help matters any (expect a depressing post/tweet at 3am Saturday night which will probably be deleted by 9am). I don't intend on going downtown, but we know how that turns out.

I've been watching the first season of the TV show Fringe and so far I really like it. The acting leaves much to be desired but the plot is good. I haven't been sleeping much lately (went to bed at midnight and woke up at 4:45 this morning). The weather's nice. That's about all that's going on.
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