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No would have been a better answer.

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April 11, 2010 | 09:40pm
Mood: tired

This weekend I drunkenly hooked up with a guy for a stupid reason, got home at 8am, went to Korean class on less than an hour of sleep, hiked a mountain, ate Indian food, hung out with friends, went dancing, played Cranium, bruised my shin, and grew some balls.

I've changed since I came to Korea. I don't know if I like these changes or not. But then again, change is better than stagnation - even if it's not the change you want.

I'm in a better mood than I've been in weeks.

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(no subject)

from: aleftrightgirl
date: April 12, 2010 02:08am (UTC)

you and I are in a similar place I think (in life).

glad to hear you are feeling better!

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(no subject)

from: aodh
date: April 12, 2010 01:50pm (UTC)

I'm glad to know someone else feels like this...sigh... so stressful.

we haven't talked in ages. I think we should do something about that. especially since I've failed at posting on the blog in so long. (I have a real excuse: I have paid next to no attention to pop culture in the last 3 months. It's kind of sad really. No TV shows, no movies, no music... blah. so boring.)


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