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Jeju and Russian

So in May we have a four day weekend. I wasn't thinking about doing anything for it except, like, sleeping the four days away. Then Thursday Megan and Nigel brought up the idea of spending a shitload of money and going to Hong Kong or Kuala Lumpur. That almost immediately fell through.

Then! THEN!!! Friday Jodi mentioned that a bunch of people were going to Jeju for the weekend. It was a spur of the moment decision for most of them. The problem? The plane they were taking down left at 7:20pm Wednesday night. I work until 9:00pm. And there were no planes available the next day.

I did some research, Nigel decided he was going to Jeju as well, and we decided we were going to take the ferry from Mokpo (a city 30min away from Gwangju) the morning of Thursday, May 20th and arrive in Jeju at 1pm. Nigel, Josh, and I will be staying in Jeju until Monday morning, at which point we'll catch a plane back to Gwangju, leaving us just enough time to unpack before work. The cool part (in my opinion)? Everyone else will have to come back on Saturday because there are no ferries or planes available on Sunday, and they work early Monday. I'll be able to hang out with everyone but not long enough to make me want to shoot myself. The trip probably won't be more than $500, which is pretty sweet. I'm pleased with how things worked out.

Last night I ended up going downtown. Probably not the best idea - especially since I have Korean class this morning - but I was in a shitty mood and somewhat drunk so I thought, why the fuck not? It was a good time. I ended up using my Russian! For the first time since I graduated from college! Josh was trying to hook up with a Russian girl at Bubble Bar. I tried to teach him some phrases - "I think you're beautiful," "I like your hair," etc - and then he introduced her to me. We talked a bit in Russian, I told her in Russian that, "My friend thinks you're very beautiful," she complimented my skills ("You have very good pronunciation" - SCORE), and then Josh and I suddenly realized that she wasn't interested in Josh.

She was interested in me.

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