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My week/weekend.

Wednesday: I slept in the living room because I thought my landlady was supposed to come early that morning to do the wallpapering. I also skipped going to the gym. She didn't come when she said she would, and when she did come she stripped the wallpaper from one wall in my bedroom, left the wallpaper on the floor, and left a container of tea in the living room.

Thursday: I slept in the living room again. It was not a good sleep. I was told that my landlady was wallpapering at 3pm on Thursday and Friday, so I avoided going home until late - only to discover that it never happened. Well, whatever.

Friday: I slept in the living room again. This is becoming a theme. I hate sleeping in the living room - the lights from the building next door and people going in and out wake me up. I went to World Cup, bought a pair of pants for work - size 33! - and I bought curtains for my living room. I came home and discovered that my curtains were not going to work on my window. Fuck.

Saturday: I slept in the living room yet again, only this time I was in bed at 11:30 Friday night and didn't fall asleep until 3am. Then I woke up at 6:30am. I went to the gym, worked out, and discovered that I weigh 79.9kg: 176lb. I haven't weighed this little since my freshman year of college. And before that... maybe the fifth grade. The wallpaper guy/my landlady finally came at 9am. I went to Korean class downtown at the Gwangju International Center (GIC). It was okay. Then Megan, Zandra, some of Zandra's classmates, and I went to lunch. I got home at around 2:30pm and discovered that my apartment was fully wallpapered - except for some stick-on baseboard in my bedroom. It was also a complete mess. I spent a couple hours cleaning and moving shit around and then it was time to celebrate my birthday. (Which was not yesterday, but celebrating on a worknight isn't happening.)

After eating cake and unwrapping gifts - which included a Korean book, an, um, amazing tie, and a small harem of Lego Village People, Jodi, Megan, Nigel, and I went to a Thai place for dinner. It was okay. Then we got on the subway - my first time on the subway in Gwangju - and went to Sangmu, where we went to a bar/restaurant and drank a bit. Zandra eventually joined us. Then we went downtown and drank some more. I was basically more drunk than I've ever been before - standing was difficult, I knocked over a beer, etc. Not good. Megan was great and didn't leave until I left. That ended up being when Jodi and Nigel left, because I realized, "Well, I'm sitting here not doing anything. That's kind of lame." It was for the best. I got a bit maudlin when I got home - including drunken tweeting and posting an LJ entry that is better left private - and went to bed.

I invited a few coworkers to the bar. They came, I was too drunk to do anything, most of them left. Josh stayed. At one point, he said something like, "It's your birthday, we need to hook you up!"

I said, "Look around. Who the fuck would I hook up with? Unless you're offering I doubt it's happening." He was not, in fact, offering. And, as expected, there was no hooking up. (Unless I lost part of the night... which didn't happen.)

I'm okay today. No hangover, although I may still be a bit drunk. I've been drunk several times now and I've never had a hangover. Don't know how that works. I'm not going to get this drunk again. If I'm too drunk to fucking do anything, what's the point?
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