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I wanna take you to a gay bar.

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March 14, 2010 | 07:51pm
Mood: tired

Saturday morning I woke up to discover that my right eye wouldn't open - it was covered with some gross mucus-y stuff. I looked it up on the internet and discovered that colds can lead to pink eye (conjunctivitis). I decided to skip Korean class and went to the doctor instead. Turns out I have a cold and allergies. The doctor was incredibly inexpensive, as were the medicines, and I'm feeling worlds better. Glad I went.

After that I went downtown with Jodi and Nigel, where we met up with Megan and Zandra and had food at an Arab restaurant. It was great to eat something that wasn't the same old thing. Then we went shopping for a while. I discovered a store that has clothing I actually like: UNIQLO. Megan, Zandra, and I went to a cafe where I had the best hot choco ever, and then we returned home. It was a very nice day out, so pretty much everyone was sitting in the park. Did that for a few hours, then Megan, Zandra, Josh, and I went to a chicken restaurant, where we had some delicious chicken & potatoes. Then we went to Nigel's... then Caroline's... then Nigel and I went downtown to a gay bar.

I've been wanting to check out the gay bars here for a while, but it was only last night that I had the opportunity to do it. Nigel was drunk and suggested going, I pounded a pitcher of beer, and off we went.

I wasn't expecting much, and nothing much was what I got; the bar was empty. Nobody was there. I mean, it was only 10:30 or so, but you'd think someone would be there. We talked with a bartender for a while - he lived in Indiana for a couple years and his English was excellent - and then we left.

Nigel and I have made plans to return to the gay bars in the near future, going a few weeks in a row later at night to try to become less outsider-ish. Don't know how that'll work. It seems to me that these bars are more for hooking up than having a beer with your pals, and that's not exactly my scene. It's nice to have a gay friend to do this sort of thing with, although, well, you know how I feel about that. sigh.

Today Nigel, Jodi, and I bummed around Pungam for most of the afternoon, playing on the ubiquitous claw machines and winning stuffed animals/losing money. I actually won three stuffed animals, two with the same dollar. First time I've ever won something with a claw machine. Now I'm doing laundry and contemplating going up to the roof and watching Battlestar Galactica.

Overall I'd say it was a pretty good weekend... especially considering how my cold seems to be on its way out. Tomorrow I begin my new workout regime and it's back to work for the week. hurrah.

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The Gay Bar

from: sebscam2003
date: March 28, 2010 12:02am (UTC)

i have lived here in Malaga Spain for 6 years now ... and i can say i have not been to a single gay bar .... i hate all that gay scene stuff ... i am all for the romance ... picnics and travel ... galleries and nice people ... shame the rest of the gay world are all the opposite of me ... i hope you have better luck with your gay scenes in future though ... i am not a kill joy even if i sound it ... i just prefer the long term relationship stuff myself ... i guess u'll meet more guys though doing the bars ... that is ... as long as they have customers lol

have a nice weekend ..and i hope your week improves ... incidentally i too had a cold thing last month and had the same thing with the eye ... how weird ... unfortunately i dont have health cover here and cannot afford the high price of private health ... garlic is a good remedy ... just stay away from friends lol

hugs from me as usual XxX

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Re: The Gay Bar

from: aodh
date: March 28, 2010 11:43am (UTC)

As I said in the entry... I'm not exactly into hooking up, which is what the gay scene is usually about. I like sex, sure, but I'm looking for a long-term relationship first and foremost. But there's no reason not to check out the gay scene here, you know? Korea's gay scene is far different from back home-- gays are accepted (more or less) in the US. Here we're barely even acknowledged, and the bars are all underground - literally. It's interesting to compare the two and see what things are like here.

weird that you had the eye thing too... I'm glad you're better though. just because I'm curious--where are you from originally? Are you Spanish?

talk to you later...

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another monologue from me ... SORRY Adam

from: sebscam2003
date: March 29, 2010 04:14am (UTC)

Oh I am sorry Adam ... I read it wrong ... i guess i was just tired ... Apologies ...

I am English ... I grew up in England close to William Shakespeare's Birth place ... But we left Royal Leamington Spa 6 years ago to live here in the sun lol ... England is nice to visit though lol ...

I totally understand what you are saying Adam ... well at least I am now i have got the facts right lol ... It is not easy for me being alone either ... Of course i too want for a long term boyfriend ... It feels like i am one of the few people that believe in working through things to form a strong bond of mutual understanding ... I LOVE SEX ... i am not going to lie and make myself to be some prude or whatever ... But the thing is ... i love the companionship too ... For me it is not about how many guys I can f**k ... i want to make love ... i want to know the special things that make my partner quiver with joy ... I want to know that special recipe that makes his tongue tingle with anticipation and I want to know the very special place he enjoys going to ...

But the whole point of a relationship ... of mutual understanding & love ... is that your partner knows all those special things that make you happy too ... i guess I am one of those romantics jaja ... I know life is not all beds of roses ... if only it could be ... but then if it were I think life would be very boring ...

It must be amazing to experience a culture like that of Korea but from what you say it seems that very restrictive ... Spain has been an eye opener for me ... i have never experienced a culture so accepting of gay people ... but there is not really a need for a gay culture for the Spanish ... I know it sounds ridiculous to say it but ... it SEEMS ... that the Spanish are just SEXUAL ... They play around however they do not often leave their partners ... Guys here seem to have fun with any sex or at least that's how it appears ... The restrooms always have action ... not just certain ones ... all of them! There are NO LOCKS ... Sex on the beach is not just a cocktail ... its reality ... & they are not ashamed of it ... i guess this is better because an oppressed society is not good (like UK!) ...

For me it is difficult ... whilst i do feel alone ... ok lonely ... I hate sexdates ... yet I live amongst so many horny guys ... For 4 years it didn't matter as I was in a LTR with a Swedish guy ... Unfortunately in the end his agencies told him that he must leave Spain or give up his work ... kinda tough but its important for him to live his dream I guess ... I am happy hes doing well tho ...

I am trying to do my thing here ... but it is not going so well at the moment ... i do websites ... well i generate ideas for web business ... but until I can find a PHP coder i am sort of stuffed (PLEASE let me know if you know one and FAST)... I love having Spain as my base but to be honest i long to regain my freedom & the situ with work restricts this ... You see I love traveling & have lived in a few places ... my family most likes Chicago & here ... but i THINK if i were to go to live in the US again i want it to be San Diego ... yet i have never been there jaja ... I once talked with a guy from there & after i described Malaga he said 'it sounds like San Diego' ... but with modcons jaja ...

I need someone like yourself in my life Adam ... someone with passion & a drive to explore but a heart made for companionship & love ... The horny Latin lovers have their hot sauce for sure ... but they like to spread it around ... >:-S Unfortunately I think i shall be waiting for a long time to find love here ... They dance the dance ... but soon you realize where their steps are leading you ...

When ever i write to you Adam i seem to go on & on ... i am sorry ... I guess i talk too much ... I will stop here ... i do not want to take over your diary ... Have a nice week Adam ... don't let stuff get to you mate ... have a hug from me when ever you feel like screaming ...

be safe XxX

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