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In which I talk.

I've come down with my fourth cold of the year. Possibly my fifth, if you count that extended period of congestion between colds two and three. During one of my breaks today I went to the 약국 (pharmacy) across the street from the school to buy some cold medicine. And, this being my life, they were closed. At 5:30pm on a Monday. What the hell? I bummed some medicine off of Nigel after work, so we'll see how it works out. Here's hoping it doesn't keep me awake.

In other news, the new semester has started. Most of my classes are the same from last semester, although I've gained a few new classes and received new students. My schedule is, well, not so great, but I'll deal. I work 1-10 Mondays and Fridays, 1-9 Wednesdays, and 1-4:10 Tuesdays/Thursdays. My Friday nights are basically shot, but whatever.

Recently I've been fairly depressed. One of those, "I'll be alone forever, oh god!!!" things. I mean, I knew what I was getting into coming to Korea - and in several respects it's better than Kirksville/Des Plaines (read: people know about and are comfortable with my sexuality!) - but I just...ugh. Half of me really wants to settle down. The other half wants to keep exploring, keep adventuring. I don't want to end up trapped, but I think both paths have the potential to result in exactly that.

Over the weekend I bought a wireless router, which resulted in much drama and wasted time due to my, um, stupidity. I also saw Alice in Wonderland in IMAX-3D. I don't like Tim Burton's movies, I don't like Johnny Depp, and I really loathe Helena Bonham Carter, but the movie was okay. Not worth the 16,000W I spent to watch it, but okay. Oh, and just for the hell of it, check out photos from my trip to Busan.
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