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dog days are over.

Such... a... long... week...

and it's not over yet. :'(

Since New Year's was last week, this was my first full week of work. Plus, since kids don't have school in January, they also have to do wintercamp, so I get to teach an extra two hours every morning.

Overall I'd say I enjoy teaching quite a bit. It's fun. I like acting like a fool and having little kids figure out what a "rodeo" is or whatever. On the other hand, I hate it when the kids don't listen. And then I have to write their names on the board, or make them stand in a corner, and then they cry and it's this whole thing. Okay, the crying incident didn't have anything to do with any of that, but yeah. Do not like.

Something else I don't like about wintercamp: long work days. Today (Friday) I got to work at 9 and I have to go back in about an hour for a few more classes. I finish up for the day at 9. Monday/Wednesdays are worse: I work 9-10. Just 15 more days of wintercamp to go...

I have very little money right now. I need to make it to payday on the 14th, but that's not going to be all that much. Fortunately I'll be making an extra million won for wintercamp, but I'm not going to see that until February 14. I'll survive, I'm sure, but it kind of sucks. I just need to scrimp and save. A lot.

Lately I've been reading a bunch of kids/YA books: Scott Westerfeld, Louise Rennison (ugh shut up), and my personal favorite - Gordon Korman. Did anyone ever read Gordon Korman when they were kids? I freaking loved them when I was a kid, especially The War with Mr. Wizzle. They're a little dated, but they stood the test of time amazingly. No wonder I loved them! They're freaking brilliant.

In other news, I kinda have a crush. I doubt it's going to come to anything, but whatever. I'm just going to ignore it and hope it goes away, I guess.
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