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long day is looong

Long day is looooong. I got to school at 9am and finished for the day at 10pm. I also had a break from 2-6pm, during which I napped, ate, and read, but still.

Winter Camp is okay. I managed to squeeze in everything I wanted to today, but I suspect that was just a fluke. I "taught" my first preschool classes as well - twenty minutes each - and I actually really liked it. Kids are a lot of fun, especially when they laugh at the weird faces I make. Who cares if they don't understand a word that comes out of my mouth? My evening classes went alright, and I even got to assign homework. Look Ma, I'm a real teacher!

Also, my kids laughed when I taught them the word "bucking" today. Where the hell did they learn that other four letter word? Geez.

Right now I'm exhausted. I need to get up at 8am to do this all over again. Fortunately Tuesday/Thursdays are my light days, so I'm done at 4:30pm.

I need to study Korean. I more or less know the entire alphabet (Hangul). Nigel is being kind enough to tutor me and Megan. I have 15 vocabulary words and a "test" Wednesday. I also have a Korean textbook and a few Korean phrasebooks that I intend to study as well. You can get by fine without any Korean at all here, but I don't want to get too complacent. What's the point of living in another country and not learning the language (or trying the food, or seeing the sights)? That's just dumb. I fully intend to leave this country just as good at Korean as I am with Russian and French, if not better.
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