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end of year, end of times

My first week of teaching is over. How did it go? Well, I'd say it went about as well as could be hoped, and maybe a little better. So far I enjoy teaching.

Wednesday was my busy day; I had six classes in five different levels. It was a long day. Fortunately the last four classes - which were all in a row at the end of the day - went by fast. Today (Thursday) I only had one class, but it was also the worst yet. Six 9 year old boys, two of them enemies, two refusing to do any work... it felt more like a year than forty minutes. We still managed to get through what I wanted to cover and none of them died, so all in all I'd say it was a successful day.

Since tomorrow's New Year's I don't have work. I'm going out with some other foreigners to a formal steak place. I don't like steak, but whatever. I intend to wear my gaudiest, most hideous tie. It will be amazing.

Here are some thoughts about 2009:
For reasons I'd rather not discuss, it wasn't a great year. On the other hand, I graduated cum laude from college, I wrote a[n embarrassingly bad] book, I got a job, and I left the country for the first time.

In 2009 I read 153 books, for a total of 54,012 pages. That's 10 books and 500 pages less than last year, but it's not that bad.

Since I've gotten to Korea I learned Hangul (sort of), how to fail miserably at skiing, how to whistle with my fingers, and how to tie a tie.

I'll give 2009 a C+. Room for improvement.
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