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lady gaga shut the fuck up

My first day of classes went very well. Well, more or less. I had lesson plans outlined for each class, but I wasn't really able to use them properly because the classes weren't where there were supposed to be. One class has one unit left in the textbook, and it's supposed to last them until the end of February. That... isn't going to happen. There will be some serious reviewing, I can tell you that. But yeah, I really enjoyed teaching and, with any luck, I'm not that bad at it. Knock on wood!

Today I had my health check at the hospital. My boss, Paul, drove me there and did the interpreting. Everything checks out fine, although I'll soon find out if I've taken drugs recently or developed a sudden case of AIDS. I highly doubt either has occurred, but I guess I'll find out tomorrow - when I'm either deported or allowed to teach six more classes. Yikes.

I have one level 2 class later today, and then I can come home and pass out. Thanks to my cold I didn't sleep well last night - I woke up coughing at 7am - but I can try to catch up on sleep tonight, I guess. I'll need all the sleep I can get since tomorrow will be jam-packed with classes. At least I'll get a few breaks.

Okay, I'm going to get going now. I want to head over to the school and work on my lesson plans for tomorrow's classes. I think they're all where they need to be, but I still want to be prepared. Until later.
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