Adam (aodh) wrote,

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haaaai (From Korea)

A Short Note:

I'm in Gwangju and more or less in good shape. I'll write up a huge post later, but my computer's power is about to die so I need to go finish an email to my mother. Let's just say - it was a long trip, I'm only a little afraid of flying (taking off especially), I got lost in LAX, I lost my cell phone, and I got motion sickness. Yes.

Upon arriving in Gwangju I saw my apartment, met a few other teachers at my school, got a tour of the neighborhood, and got absolutely covered in snow. And I unintentionally slid down a hill due to ice. But I'll go into more detail when my computer isn't acting up.

To summarize my life right now: OMG YOU GUYS I'M IN KOREA!!! Excuse me while I go puke. :'(
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