Adam (aodh) wrote,

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story progress? and boobies!!!

You guys, I think I just broke my story.

Can I help it if they're all a bunch of promiscuous whores?

Actually I came up with a plot idea I kind of like, and an ending, too. I'm like this close to finishing this piece of shit. Okay, not really THIS close, but I'm getting there, damn it. I still need to figure out what to do about the The Creep, but whatever.

A question to the ladies:
if you are not, as they say, "well-endowed," what happens when you get a mammogram? Are you able to get a mammogram? Do you need to rely on self-checking alone? What about if you have implants? I ask because my mother doesn't know, my Google-fu is failing me, and my curiosity knows no bounds.
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