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NaNoing + SoKo

NaNoWriMo Word Count
Monday - 4577 words
Tuesday - 6286 words
TOTAL: 20427 words

I'm not really happy with my novel right now. The story isn't really working for me just yet. The last 1500 words went by fast, but other than that everything I've written since Sunday has felt like I've been pulling teeth. I'm beginning to get into writing more character interactions and action-y sequences and less mental meanderings ("I shouldn't do this, but I should! I feel bad, but it's worth it!" blah blah blah), so hopefully it'll get easier from here on out.

But yeah. In spite of my bitching... YOU GUYS. I've written 20k in three days! My best in previous years was 10k by November 3rd. I'm pleased with myself, even if my story is a total piece of shit.

In other news, I shipped all of my documents to South Korea today. I can haz job now?
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