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hands against the window pane

Today's word count: 11075
Total word count: 11075

I'm counting this all as day one because it's only 1am. I wrote it all in about 24.5 hours. 9564 of it was written in 24 hours. I'm down with that.

My story is ever so slowly getting there. I was stupid and started writing the novel I didn't have outlined last night. However, today I went ahead and wrote up an outline (another +2000 words), so I'm pretty much good to go for the rest of this novel. I intend to write +5000 words every day this month, so hopefully I'll have something to show for it.

Ever since Peter came out to his family and his brother outed him at school, life has been a living hell. He's physically and verbally abused by his peers - the varsity football team being the main culprits - and ignored by his family. One day Peter realizes that he's had enough; he's sick and tired of being harassed. He wants revenge. Peter's going to win this round of Smear the Queer, one football player at a time. And winning never felt so good.

"I committed my first act of bravery one sweaty morning at the beginning of August: I went to Cross Country practice."

In other news: I accepted the job offer, I ran 9.5 miles in 1:20:48 (8:31 pace), and I ate far too much leftover Halloween candy today. I may never recover.
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