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unattainable dreams keep my ego in check

Didn't get the job in Wonju, but I have another interview tomorrow evening (at the same time as ANTM, LAME), so whatever. The new interview was supposed to be Sunday, but my recruiter told me today that it was this evening, and then contacted me after I'd already spent half an hour waiting for a call. He then proceeded to tell me that he'd screwed up and that they'd rescheduled for tomorrow.

I'll be honest with you: I don't really give a fuck about South Korea or teaching abroad or any of that anymore. But I don't know what else I could do. I'm very attracted to the idea of studying Geology, but I'm shit at science and math. Same with Nursing, which is also of interest to me right now. I think I could handle it if I put a lot of effort into it, but I don't know. I just want a steady career. Is that too much to ask? But who am I kidding? If I get a job offer, of course I'll go to Korea. I'm just disgusted with this entire process is all.

NaNoWriMo thoughts: I may rewrite my 2007 NaNovel. It's probably the best thing I've ever written, I just need to finish it up (another 50k will do it) and fix up some glaring errors. I'm also thinking of writing a romance novel - like, a Harlequin - but I need to come up with a plot first. I can see it now: A. T. Miller, the most popular romance novelist in the world, with 32 New York Times bestsellers. I'm doomed to a future of awkward heterosexual sex scenes and hiding my real sex behind my initials, aren't I?
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