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jury duty, job interview

Jury duty today. Walked to Metra, went downtown, walked to the Daley Center, sat around for a while, was sent to the court room, sat some more, recess. More sitting around. Sometime around 3:30pm I made it on to a jury.

Yeah, basically I'm so dull that the judge asked me maybe half the number of questions he'd asked everyone else and the attorneys didn't even bother asking me anything. I'm doomed to serve on juries for the rest of my life, aren't I? The trial is supposed to last through Friday, so I have a few more days of sitting on my ass left.

Job interview last night: I think it went well? It sounded like it was a foregone conclusion that they'd hired me, so yeah. The interviewer sounded like he liked me, but we'll see.

Due to the adrenaline from my interview/anxiety from jury duty I got less than an hour of sleep last night. Very lame. I think I may skip running tonight (maybe doing it in the morning?) and go to bed early. That'd be nice.
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