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the rain in spain falls mainly on des plaines

Some new running PRs from last night:
1 mile: 8:08
5k: ~25:25
4 miles: 34:02

I'm down with that.

I just wanted to post this: (Thirteen or so Minutes Part 1) (Thirteen or so Minutes Part 2)

I'll be honest: the short as a whole is pretty shitty, due to the atrocious script. I mean, it's holy shit awful. (Brief synopsis: two straight guys have sex soon after meeting one another. One is okay with it, the other isn't. The one who's okay with it explains why it's okay that they're into each other.)

HOWEVER!!! There is one moment that I've been replaying again and again over the last few days: 6:10-6:40 of part 2 (start at 5:30 for a little more background). The entire hug - the way the guy says "oh, so nice" and "shit" - is exactly how it feels to suddenly realize you're gay. The expression on his face--a mixture of joy and terror, looking like he's about to burst into tears or dance around the room--that's how it feels.

It's just ridiculously good acting. I'm blown away whenever I (re)watch that scene. If there were ever an obscure actor who needed to become, um, less obscure, it's this one. Plus, both guys are pretty hot. Yes. On that note, Carlos F. Salas, if you happen to be into guys and in need of a boyfriend - call me.


So yeah, that short inspired me quite a bit, and it's actually put me in the mood to write. I know, right? I now have a three page outline and I'm trying to figure out where to start. I may go ahead and just write the climax/ending of the story first, since I know exactly what will happen. Plus, I am seriously in love with the last two paragraphs of the story. Especially the last line. So okay. Writing. Yes. So what if NaNoWriMo starts in less than I month? I can write if I want to. Sorry this paragraph (entry?) is so incoherent. I blame the rain.
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