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Didn't run today. Very sad. Would rather not talk about it. Even though I just did...

I contacted a recruiter who posted on a job board this morning. She sent me information about a few jobs, primarily in Busan and Gimhae (southeast South Korea). I'm debating on which one I'd like to interview with:

1) Hagwon, Busan (in a district about which I can't find anything on the web), 2.0-2.2W, M-F 2-9pm, elementary/middle, 10 vacation days, 1 foreign teacher (me), November start.
2) Hagwon, Busan (Haeundae - right on the beach), 2.0-2.2W, M-F 9:30-6pm, kindergarten/elementary, 8 vacation days, 3 foreign teachers, November 25ish start.
3) Hagwon, Gimhae (near Busan), 2.0-2.2W, M-F 10-12 and 2:30-7:30, kindergarten/elementary, 10 vacation days, 3 foreign teachers, end of December start.

- I'd love to be on the beach (2), but I was told that school will have a second opening starting in December... I am a little nervous about a school that has two openings so close together. Doesn't bode well, if you catch my drift. Plus, I don't like only having 8 vacation days.
- The third school might work, but I don't like the break in the middle of the day, and I'd rather be closer to a beach.
- The first school looks fine (except for the location, possibly?), but I don't really like the idea of being the only foreign teacher at the school.

I'm currently leaning toward (1) or (3). Thoughts? Opinions? Thoughtful opinions? Opinionated thoughts?
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