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Don't They?

Tonight's run: 8.53 miles / 1:23:31 / 9:47 pace

I'm rather pleased with myself. It wasn't the best run ever, but I ended strong; around mile 6 I hit a chain of songs on my iPod that really motivated me. I also carried a water bottle for the first time, and I believe the extra weight really slowed me down. I mean, I know it's not more than a half pound or a pound or so, but my arms are currently looking like they do after I do a ton of push ups. Oh well.

Damage to my person: small blister on my big toe, the bottom of my little toe is now more or less completely callused over, and certain areas of my anatomy are somewhat irritated. Fortunately, unlike last week's long run, my nipple did not bleed. I'm... relieved. To say the least.

In other news, I've got an Amazon order in the mail. Lookin' forward to it. But is that really a surprise? I sure hope not. Books! Woohoo!
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