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The stars, the moon, they have all been blown out

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September 3, 2009 | 01:19am
Mood: contemplative
Music: Florence and the Machine - Cosmic Love

I've been feeling pretty down about everything lately, but right now I'm in a really great mood. I don't know what happened, but I suspect running had something to do with it.

I had a chat with my mother regarding my loans and she's agreed to help me out with them until I have some sort of income. I could always defer them, but we both want them to be paid off sooner rather than later. I'm ridiculously relieved and grateful.

I'm going to apply to the Peace Corps. The only thing I have left to fill out for the application are the two essays and the references. I'm fairly certain my volunteer reference will be from Prof. B (if she agrees), an academic/professional reference will be from Dr. J (if she agrees), and a "personal" reference will come from a friend. I, um, haven't actually chosen a friend yet. I have someone in mind though.

After applying to the Peace Corps (and hopefully being accepted), I'll start looking for a job around here. Nothing fantastic, just something to bring in a bit of money. I'll also do some volunteering; there's a ESL program at Oakton that I'm looking into, and a literacy program in Arlington Heights/Mount Prospect that looks good.

I also intend to study for, and take, the GRE. Possibly also the LSAT and maybe the PRAXIS. Hopefully a few more years will help me figure out what the hell I want to do with my life.

I'm still open to South Korea, but honestly, I'm fed up and sick of this bullshit. I don't know what I did wrong, but obviously I've screwed up somewhere. I just don't care anymore. At least the Peace Corps judges you based on what you can bring to the table, as opposed to schools in Korea, who don't look past your picture. Whatever. I'm through.

Finally, I highly recommend that y'all read my new post on The Useless Critic: Songs To Do Drag To. I'm rather pleased with it. And while you're at it, read the rest of the shit up on that blog. Good times await!

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(no subject)

from: euphoric1dr
date: September 5, 2009 04:58am (UTC)

yeah i will admit, i don't think very favourably of the process for teaching in korea, and the way they go about it - seems like they are the most stringent, and maybe that's because it's most competitive to teach there? do you think perhaps anyway that is the reason? anyway yeah i've been feeling a bit disillusioned and cynical with the idea of teaching there. is the praxis required if you want to be a TEFL / TESOL teacher in america? you know, my parents would have a field day with this of course - but i'm honestly thinking if i like teaching abroad i might just make that my 'job' aka 'professional title' / insert whatever other pretentious word you want to, for the sake of convincing others that i'm not just gallavanting around the world blindly. i think being an ESL teacher is a great profession in and of itself! ps check your facebook email

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(no subject)

from: aodh
date: September 5, 2009 05:42am (UTC)

yeah, the process for teaching in Korea strikes me as being unnecessarily obtuse and difficult - oh well. however, as far as I can tell, South Korea has a reputation for being the LEAST difficult place to find a TEFL job, especially due to the lack of any extra qualifications being required. That's why I've been focusing on finding a job there. The Praxis is required for some MA (M.Ed.) programs, and also for Elementary Education programs (which I've also been looking into), but most require the GRE, and some don't require anything.
that's exactly what I've been thinking about regarding teaching abroad--if I like it, I'll just stay abroad. if I like teaching but not abroad, I'll teach in the US. If I hate teaching... well, hopefully I won't hate teaching. :(

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