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Long run is llloooonnnngggg.

Tonight's run: 7.5 miles, 1:10:27, 9:24 pace. Long run is llloooonnnngggg.
August total: 80.3 miles, 13:06:12, 9:48 pace. Almost double what I ran in July. Plus, this was the first week I ran over 20 miles - 21 to be precise. Good on me!

I'm rather pleased with myself. Immediately after the run both my knee and my back were hurting, but after I did some cool-down stretches everything was back to normal. Plus, before I went out I taped up the blister I got on last week's run that hasn't healed yet and it didn't get any worse. Huzzah!

Interestingly, my pace has increased by 32 seconds in just one week (9:49 to 9:17). The week before that it only increased by 11 seconds, and before that, 2 seconds. I'm not sure what's with the sudden improvement, but I'm not going to complain. This just brings me one step closer to my very, very long-term goals.

I also went ahead and cut my hair today. I was putting off getting it cut because I wanted to wait until right before I left for Korea... but, well, yeah, not so much. Just wait, I'll get a job offer before the week's end.
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