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worn through and through

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August 11, 2009 | 12:22am
Mood: I am not.
Music: MGMT - Electric Feel

This evening I had an interview. FINALLY. First interview since June. I only found out about it 40 minutes before the interview actually took place. I went into the interview with a few prepared questions (e.g. How large is the school? How many students are in each class? What is the housing like? etc, etc), including one very important one:

I was told the school is in Gwangju. There are two Gwangjus in South Korea: one in the south and one near Seoul. I asked my recruiter, who asked her Korean equivalent, who said it was in the south. My recruiter told me to ask the school. I asked: it's the one near Seoul. Okay. Whatever. I don't give a fuck really.

The interview went far better than my first interview in June, which basically means it lasted longer than five minutes. The problem? The start date is 9/10, and I don't think it's even posible to get a visa set up by then. Also, it turns out the school belongs to a rather unsavory chain of schools. And I'd have to share an apartment. If they hire me, I'm going to put off making a decision until I talk to the current English teachers. And examine the contract.

On a related note, I applied to another recruiter. Yes, another. I've got 3 of 'em working for me right now.

If you weren't aware - and if you've been reading my journal at all over the last three months, you should be aware - I've been really stressed about finding a job. So, I've been thinking about doing something else with my time while I apply and wait. I'm thinking about taking a few online classes at Oakton, the local community college. And maybe also going ahead and signing up to take a TEFL course in Chicago. And finally applying for the Peace Corps. And maybe volunteering to tutor ESL at Oakton. I'm also kind of vaguely looking into jobs in Chile and China. Actually, I'd love to work in Chile one day. I don't know. And maybe I'll see if I can get a job at the newly reopened Wal-Mart, which would at least get me some money, although it would also be horribly demeaning. I don't know. My mom keeps telling me to write, and I really should, but my ideas are full of fail and I'm unhappy with it. I think I'll shut up now.

Saturday night I ran 5 miles, which was a nightmare. It was very, very hot and humid. By the end I felt like I was about to pass out. Tonight I was planning to run 6 miles in an attempt to use up some of the adrenaline from earlier, but halfway through the run my legs began to hurt. I ended up only doing 4 miles (only!). And then, as I did my cool-down run, I realized what was wrong: I was wearing the wrong shoes. I wore my walking shoes instead of my running shoes. The same walking shoes I've been wearing for over a year. Yeah. Not so bright, am I?

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