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I can't sleep when I think about the times we're living in

To be honest, I was planning to shut up about my running for a while, but I'm rather pleased with myself so WHATEVER: 5.84 miles, 56 minutes, 9:36 pace. WHAT!!!!

What happened: when I was only two blocks into my run I came across one of those bug sprayer trucks. Deciding that I'd rather not breathe in poison for the entirety of my run, I turned around and randomly ran through my neighbourhood. I managed to stay a few blocks ahead of it for a couple miles, and then I turned onto Wolf, ran to Northwest Highway, ran through downtown Mount Prospect and came back. When I looked up my run on Gmap Pedometer I was downright shocked.

In other news, you should now be able to stalk me with ease.

In other other news, I am still unemployed.
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